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Advanced Settings

To open the Advanced Settings screen, click on the "Advanced" button.

Advanced Settings Screenshot

Settings under "Memory Areas" let you ignore the specified memory areas even if they are contained in the HEX file. For example, if you check "Ignore EEPROM" EEPROM will not be programmed and will be preserved in its original state. If the device doesn't have the specified memory area (for example, most devices do not have EEPROM), the corresponding setting has no effect. If the chip is protected, the process of removing protection will force EEPROM and UID erase regardless of the setting.

Settings under "Performance" let you adjust the programming speed. If you receive verification errors, as may be the case if the connecting cable (between NSDSP and target device) is longer than usual or has higher capacitance, you may make the connection more reliable by specifying the "ICSP Speed Limit", but this will make programming slower.

The "Target Voltage" setting allows NSDSP to decide whether or not the bulk erase operation can be used. This setting may be omitted if the actual target voltage is above the bulk erase threashold. However, this setting is mandatory for programming at voltages below bulk erase threshold because such voltages require special programning algorithms. If the voltage is not specified, NSDSP assumes that the voltage is high enough for bulk erase operations. Thus it applies regular programming algorithms which rely on bulk erase and will fail if the actual target voltage is below the bulk erase threshold.

Instead of specifying the voltage here, you can pre-configure the NSDSP chip.

NSDSP only uses the voltage to decide whether bulk erase operations can be used or not. Therefore, it will still attempt the programming if you specify voltage outside the target range (for example 5V for a chip which can only run at 3.3V),

If you use NSHVX or if you have installed your own High Voltage Programming circuit, you have to check the corresponding box. Otherwise, do not check it. Incorrect setting here will prevent successful programming.

Remember Advanced Settings Screenshot

If you want NSDS Gang Programmer to save your settings for the next time, select "Remember these settings for the next session". If you don't, NSDSP Gang Programming will use the advanced settings once, but will not save them for the next time.

If you select "Forget these settings when I close the program" and then execute a lock, your settings will still be used for programming while the lock is in effect, but will be forgotten as soon as you release the lock.

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