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NSDS Gang Programmer Software

NSDS Gang Programmer is designed for production programming. It supports simultaneous programming with up to eight NSDSPs. It can use NSZ files to customize individual devices being programmed. It can use manual or hardware triggers to initialize programming of individual devices.


All the participating NSDSPs must be connected to the computer before the programming begins, and they must stay connected until the programming ends.

All the participating NSDSPs must have the same configuration.

All the devices to be programmed must run at the same voltage, must be connected to NSDSPs with the same circuit, and will be programmed with the same HEX file (although they can be cusomized with NSZ).

Typically, you would have NSDSPs connected to the programming sockets, such as ZIF sockets for DIP packages. Target devices would be inserted into the sockets, programmed, removed, replaced with next devices and so on until everthing is programmed.


When you start NSDS Gang Programmer, it opens the Setup screen:

Gang Programmer Screenshot

At a minimum, you need to select the target device and specify a HEX file.

NSZ file is only used when you need to customize individual devices, and is not mandatory. If customization is needed, you can choose an existing NSZ file or use the "New NSZ" button to generate a new NSZ file.

The "Options" button lets you select options, such as script to be run upon successful programming, log files, or retry regime.

Use the "Advanced" button to specify additional settings if needed.

The "Appearence" button lets you choose colors and font size. It may be very useful if you do the programming work at a distance from the computer display and wand to make the screen bigger.

You need to specify a trigger event, which tells NSDS Gang Programmer when to start programming. You have a choice of manual triggering which requires a mouse click to initiate the programming process, or hardware triggering which monitors the state of CTS or RX pin of NSDSP to decide when to start the programming.

Once you enter the desired settings, you have two choices:

  • Connect all the required NSDSPs to the USB ports and start the programming immediately by clicking on the "Start" button. If everything is well, the Setup screen will disappear and you will be taken to the Programming screen.
  • Lock the settings using the "Lock" button. In this case, the program will close. Next time you open it, it will skip the Setup screen and take you directly to the Programming screen. This feature may be useful when operator does not have skills to properly select the desired settings. More on Locking.

The appearence of the Programming screen depends on how many NSDSPs you have attached, whether you use NSZ files, and whether you have chosen manual or hardware triggering. For further details select either:

Manual Triggering

Hardware Triggering

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