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Manual Triggering

To trigger programming from the Computer, you need to select manual triggering on the Setup screen:

Manual Trigger Screenshot

When the programming phase begins, the Programming screen will be displayed:

Programming Screenshot

The Programming screend displays a table where each row represents a single NSDSP. The first column contains NSDSP serial number. The serial numbers are always sorted. The next column shows NSZ data. This column is present only when an NSZ file has been specified during Setup. The third column displays status. The last column is a trigger.

When manual triggering is selected, the last column will display "Program" buttons for each NSDSP. Clicking the "Program" button will initiate programming for the specified NSDSP. The button will be disabled during programming. When programming finishes, a status indicator will be either success (green) or failure (red). The "Program" button will be enabled again:

Programming Status Screenshot

In this example, the programming with NSDSP100000000 succeeded and the status column shows green success indicator. The "NSZ data" column shows 12340092 - this is the serial number programmed to the target device. This number has been removed from the NSZ file and will not be used again. The "Program" button is ready to trigger programming next chip.

Programming with NSDSP100000001 failed and the corresponding status indicator is red. The "NSZ data" column shows 12340093. This number has been retrieved from the NSZ file, NSDSP Gang Programmer attempted to program it to the target device, but failed. Therefore, this serial number will be re-used. The "Program" button is ready for programming - either retry the old chip or a new one.

Programming includes full and independent verification. Everything which is written onto the target chip is independently read back and compared to the original. If any difference is found, it is indicated as a failure.

Operations of different NSDSPs are independent and do not interfere with each other.

Recommended Operating Sequence

1. Connect all the NSDSPs to the computer through USB ports.

2. Start NSDS Gang Programmer and enter the necessary settings (if not locked).

3. Attach the target device to NSDSP.

4. Click on the corresponding "Program" button.

5. Wait until programming is done. Depending on different factors, it may take fraction of a second or several seconds or more.

6. If red failure indicator is shown, either re-try the programming, or replace the target device with a new one and continue with step 4.

7. If green success indicator is shown, mark the target device as programmed. If you need to associate the NSZ number with the target device, record the serial number from the "NSZ data" column.

8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 for each connected NSDSP in parallel or in sequence until all the programming is done.

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