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Setting Locking

It may be desirable to lock the settings so that the programming operator wouldn't have to select them. This can be accomplished with the settings lock. To enact the lock, click the "Lock" button. This will save the settings (including the advanced settings) and close the program.

Locking Screenshot

Once the lock is set, the program will not show the Setup screen any more and will go directly to Programming screen. To release the lock, press down the Right Shift key when launching NSDS Gang Programming.

The locked settings are stored in the configuration file. This is a simple text file. You can verify the locked settings - they are in lines starting with "Lock". We do not recommend editing the file.

If you want to have multiple locked settings, you can store them in different configuration files. To do so, enter the desired settings into NSDS Gang Programmer and lock it. Once it is locked, make a copy of its configuration file. You can launch NSDS Gang Programmer with this copy of the configuaration file using the -c command line option:

nsggang -c altconfig.conf

where "altconfig.conf" is the copy of the configuration file which you have created after the lock. You can create launchers or desktop shortcuts executing this command. Clicking such launcher will bring up the Programming screen loaded with locked settings contained in "altconfig.conf".

If you have difficulties releasing the lock, just delete the main configuration file.

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