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Software for NSDSP

Northern Software Inc offers several free software programs for NSDSP. The software bundle can be downloaded here.

Graphical User Interface Programs

NSDS Programmer provides a simple interface to NSDSP. It can erase, program, verify, and read the content of the PIC. It can also edit NSDSP configuration.

NSDS Gang Programmer is designed for production programming. It can use up to eight NSDSPs to program PIC devices simultaneously, supports hardware triggers and serial programming through NSZ files.

Command Line Utilities

Command Line utilities can be used to automate programming tasks and are optimized to be called from shell scripts.

nsprog is a versatile command line programmer. It can erase, program, verify, and read the content of the PIC. It supports serial programming through NSZ files or through command line parameters.

nsread is a low level utility which can read a single memory block from the target device.

nsenum prints a list of NSDSP devices currently connected to USB ports.

nsconf provides command line interface to NSDSP configuartion.

nsloop helps automate programming for on-board NSDSP chips. It monitors NSDSP connections and invokes a programming script for each newly connected device.

nswait is a utility for hardware triggering. It monitors CTS or RX pins of the selected NSDSP device and blocks until it encounters a rising or falling edge.

nsuart is NSDSP UART terminal program. It puts NSDSP into UART mode and allows communications with PIC or any other UART capable device. More about UART interfaces.

nshex is a versatile command line utility to manipulte hex files. It can modify the hex files, extract elemnents, merge hex files end more.


All the NSDSP software is free and can be downloaded as a bundle from here.

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