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nshex - HEX File Management Software

nshex is a versatile command line utility to manage and modify HEX files. HEX files are used to hold images of the PIC program memory. They are usually created by compilers and then can be used to program PIC devices.

nshex can perform complex operations on the HEX files and can be used for variety of tasks. The primary use is to prepare HEX files for programming with nsprog or with a bootloader.

nshex requires a command file. The command file contains the list of commands. Each command perform certain operation on the HEX files. For the detailed description of the command file and full list of the commands click here.

You can use the following parameters

Parameter Description
-s file Specifies the command file. The file must contain nshex commands. If the file is not specified, nshex reads the commands from the standard input.
-d device Full name of the target defice, for example dsPIC30F1010. It is optional, however many operations require device specific information and cannot be performed if the device is not specified. You can also specify the device from within the command file.
-p Requests that the device should be partitioned. This parameter only applies to dual-partition devices. The device name must be explicitly specified on the command line.
-v Verbose. Produces extensive messaging.
others All command line parameters not prefixed with dash can be used in the nshex command file. See command syntax for details.

Exit Code

If successful, nshex returns with exit code 0. If an error occurs, nshex prints an error message, which always starts from "ERROR:" and returns with exit code 1.


nshex -s cmd.txt -d PIC32MZ2048EFG100 -v

This example reads commands from the "cmd.txt" file, executes them and prints status messages. The device is set to PIC32MZ2048EFG100.


Click here for the description of the nshex command syntax.

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