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NSDSP provides fast in-circuit programming and USB connectivity.

Main Features

- Easy - uses HID USB class and does not require any special drivers to operate.

- Fast - several times faster than PICkit 3, and faster than ICD 3.

- Safe - uses low voltage only and never applies high voltage to the board (HVP programming is possible with external circuit).

- Can program and debug most Microchip PIC® microcontrollers.

- A variety of free software programs can be used to configure and control NSDSP. The software can be used for development as well as production programming, including serialized or parallel programming.

- Operating speed is configurable. If the connection between NSDSP and the target PIC device is good, you can use the highest signaling speed - 6MHz. If you need to use longer cable, or the connection is poor, you can operate NSDSP at lower speeds, as low as 50kHz.

- Each NSDSP device has a unique serial number. This allows multiple devices to be connected to the host computer at the same time.

- NSDSP does not require firmware changes. The same firmware works for all supported PIC devices.

- At run time, NSDSP can work as UART-to-USB converter for the target PIC (as well as for any other device) with speeds from 1200 baud to 2Mbaud.

- NSDSP uses 10-pin connector designed to keep it firmly in the breadboard for prototyping. If breadboard is not used, a short cable can be used to connect it to your development board through Microchip 6-pin ICSP® connector.

- Some of the NSDSP models allow running the target PIC without imposing restriction on use of PGD/PGC pins as inputs or outputs.

- Most of the NSDSP models can supply up to 200mA of USB power to the tareget circuit.

There are four NSDSP models, which operate at different target voltages:

In addition, you can purchase pre-programmed NSDSP chips and mount NSDSP directly onto your production board. This is not only a cost effective alternative to USB bootloader, but also works as a USB-to-UART converter for your PIC application.

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