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NSDSP Operations

NSDSP is a full-speed HID USB device. When connected to the USB port it gets enumerated by Operating System and becomes available. Dirivers are not necessary. Software programs connect to NSDSP as needed and communicate with it thgough USB packets. NSDSP is fully controlled by the host software. It cannot be controlled by devices attached to its ICSP or UART connectors.

At any given moment of time, NSDSP may be in one of the following modes.

Mode PGC/PGDO pinsDescription
Unconnected Configurable NSDSP is not yet connected to USB.
Idle Configurable NSDSP ignores all data received through USB.
Suspended Configurable NSDSP is suspended by the host operating system and is in power saving state.
Programming Busy NSDSP performing programming operations through the ICSP connection according to the programming protocol for the specific PIC device.
Debug Busy NSDSP performing on-chip debugging (OCD) through the ICSP connection according to the debug protocol for the specific PIC device. Currently there is no software support for the debugging function.
UART Configurable NSDSP is streaming data through the UART connector.

When USB connection is established, NSDSP enters "Idle" mode.

While the USB connection is on, modes are switched by the host software. If a software program connects to NSDSP and switches its mode, the current mode is abandoned and the new mode is established. If a different software program had been connected to NSDSP prior, it cannot function any more. The new software program will try to take over. However, if both the old and new program are active at the same time, the resuls are unpredicatable.

Mode switches to "Suspended" if host's operating system suspends NSDSP. In this case, NSDSP enters low power sleep state until USB activity is detected. NSDSP wakes up from sleep in "Idle" mode.

Mode switches to "Unconnected" if EN pin is driven low. NSDSP resets and then enters the low power sleep state until EN pin is driven high. This cannot happen with pre-built NSDSP programmer because EN pin is pulled to VDD. However, this may happen if you install NSDSP chip on your board.

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