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ICSP connection

Support summary

  • Programming - Yes
  • Debugging provisions - Yes

ICSP Connection

PIC32MK0512GPD064 has more than one pair of PGECx and PGEDx pins. You can use any pair, but you must use them as a pair. For example, if PGEC2 is used for ICSPCLK, then ICSPDAT must be connected to PGED2.

All VSS and VDD pins must be connected. Even if one of these pins is not connected, programming may fail.

TDO pin will toggle at high frequency during programming. Make sure this does not harm your circuit.

Dual boot architecture

PIC32MK0512GPD064 has two boot sectors, called boot sector 1 (0x1fc40000) and boot sector 2 (0x1fc60000). These memory locations are not used directly. Instead they are mapped to lower boot alias (0x1fc00000) and upper boot alias (0x1fc20000). Boot sector 1 may be mapped to lower alias while boot sector 2 is mapped to upper boot alias. Or the mapping may be reversed - boot sector 1 is mapped to upper boot alias and boot sector 2 is mapped to lower boot alias. Mapping may change - see datasheet for details.

Because Microchip XC32 compiler produces HEX files where boot sector uses addresses of lower boot alias (0x1fc00000), NSDSP recognizes these addresses as valid. Any memory ranges belonging to lower boot alias (0x1fc00000-0x1fc05000) are programmed to boot sector 1 (0x1fc40000-0x1fc45000). Any addresses from upper boot alias (0x1fc20000-0x1fc25000) are programmed to boot sector 2 (0x1fc60000-0x1fc65000). Direct addressing of boot sectors (0x1fc40000-0x1fc45000 and 0x1fc60000-0x1fc65000) is consifered invalid and will cause errors.

When NSDSP is used to read memory, boot sector 1 is reported as lower boot alias (0x1fc00000-0x1fc05000) and boot sector 2 is reported as upper boot alias (0x1fc20000-0x1fc25000) regardless of the actual mapping of the sectors on the chip.

Such arrangement guarantees consistency - if you read a HEX file from the device, then re-program it onto other device, both devices will have identical programming.


NSDSP firmware contains all the necessary provisions for debugging PIC32MK0512GPD064 and may be debugged when debugging software becomes available.

PIC32MK0512GPD064 uses ordered haliting, has 10 hardware breakpoints.

Debugger requires 20 bytes of RAM.

TDO pin does not work during debugging.


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