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Compare Handheld NSDSP Programmers

Handheld Programmers NSDSP-1-UX NSDSP-2-X
These programmers are designed to be used handheld or with development boards compatible with PICkit 3. They use new USB type C connectors and are shipped with a USB type A to type C cables.

For bare PCB programmers, see this table
Target voltage 1.7-5.5V 1.7-5.5V
Target isolated from USB No No
HVP (High Voltage Programming) No Yes
NSDSP can monitor target voltage No Yes
NSDSP can power target up to 200mA 3.3V or 5V 3.3V or 5V
ICSPDAT and ICSPCLK can be put in high impedance state while the target PIC is running No No
Success/Failure indicator LED No Yes
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Only the characteristics which are different are listed. For the full list of features click here.

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