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Northern Software Supported Devices PIC32MX PIC32MX110F016B PIC32MX110F016C PIC32MX110F016D PIC32MX120F032B PIC32MX120F032C PIC32MX120F032D PIC32MX120F064H PIC32MX130F064B PIC32MX130F064C PIC32MX130F064D PIC32MX130F128H PIC32MX130F128L PIC32MX130F256B PIC32MX130F256D PIC32MX150F128B PIC32MX150F128C PIC32MX150F128D PIC32MX150F256H PIC32MX150F256L PIC32MX154F128B PIC32MX154F128D PIC32MX155F128B PIC32MX155F128D PIC32MX170F256B PIC32MX170F256D PIC32MX170F512H PIC32MX170F512L PIC32MX174F256B PIC32MX174F256D PIC32MX175F256B PIC32MX175F256D PIC32MX210F016B PIC32MX210F016C PIC32MX210F016D PIC32MX220F032B PIC32MX220F032C PIC32MX220F032D PIC32MX230F064B PIC32MX230F064C PIC32MX230F064D PIC32MX230F128H PIC32MX230F128L PIC32MX230F256B PIC32MX230F256D PIC32MX250F128B PIC32MX250F128C PIC32MX250F128D PIC32MX250F256H PIC32MX250F256L PIC32MX254F128B PIC32MX254F128D PIC32MX255F128B PIC32MX255F128D PIC32MX270F256B PIC32MX270F256D PIC32MX270F512H PIC32MX270F512L PIC32MX274F256B PIC32MX274F256D PIC32MX275F256B PIC32MX275F256D PIC32MX320F032H


PIC32MX320F128H PIC32MX320F128L PIC32MX330F064H PIC32MX330F064L PIC32MX340F128H PIC32MX340F128L PIC32MX340F256H PIC32MX340F512H PIC32MX350F128H PIC32MX350F128L PIC32MX350F256H PIC32MX350F256L PIC32MX360F256L PIC32MX360F512L PIC32MX370F512H PIC32MX370F512L PIC32MX420F032H PIC32MX430F064H PIC32MX430F064L PIC32MX440F128H PIC32MX440F128L PIC32MX440F256H PIC32MX440F512H PIC32MX450F128H PIC32MX450F128L PIC32MX450F256H PIC32MX450F256L PIC32MX460F256L PIC32MX460F512L PIC32MX470F512H PIC32MX470F512L PIC32MX530F128H PIC32MX530F128L PIC32MX534F064H PIC32MX534F064L PIC32MX550F256H PIC32MX550F256L PIC32MX564F064H PIC32MX564F064L PIC32MX564F128H PIC32MX564F128L PIC32MX570F512H PIC32MX570F512L PIC32MX575F256H PIC32MX575F256L PIC32MX575F512H PIC32MX575F512L PIC32MX664F064H PIC32MX664F064L PIC32MX664F128H PIC32MX664F128L PIC32MX675F256H PIC32MX675F256L PIC32MX675F512H PIC32MX675F512L PIC32MX695F512H PIC32MX695F512L PIC32MX764F128H PIC32MX764F128L PIC32MX775F256H PIC32MX775F256L PIC32MX775F512H PIC32MX775F512L PIC32MX795F512H PIC32MX795F512L


Support summary

  • Programming - Yes
  • Debugging provisions - Yes
ICSP connection


ICSP Connection

PIC32MX320F064H has more than one pair of PGECx and PGEDx pins. You can use any pair, but you must use them as a pair. For example, if PGEC2 is used for ICSPCLK, then ICSPDAT must be connected to PGED2.

All VSS and VDD pins must be connected. Even if one of these pins is not connected, programming may fail.

Refer to the datasheet for alternative connections of ENVREG pin.

Programming is impossible at voltages below 3.0V.

TDO pin will toggle at high frequency during programming. Make sure this does not harm your circuit.


Programming Benchmarks

We have measured time necessary to program and verify PIC32MX320F064H.

Operation Time
Programming and Verification 1.8s
Programming only 1.6s
Verification only 1.4s

The measurements reflect the time necessary to program/verify the entire chip, including all user programmable memory areas.



NSDSP firmware contains all the necessary provisions for debugging PIC32MX320F064H and may be debugged when debugging software becomes available.

PIC32MX320F064H uses addresses 0xbfc00480 through 0xbfc00498 for debugging. This area is known as debugging vector. If there is any user code at this location, NSDSP will automatically overwrite it before debugging.



Microchip PIC32MX320F064H page

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