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Northern Software Supported Devices dsPIC33EP dsPIC33EP128GM304 dsPIC33EP128GM306 dsPIC33EP128GM310 dsPIC33EP128GM604 dsPIC33EP128GM706 dsPIC33EP128GM710 dsPIC33EP128GP502 dsPIC33EP128GP504 dsPIC33EP128GP506 dsPIC33EP128GS702 dsPIC33EP128GS704 dsPIC33EP128GS705 dsPIC33EP128GS706 dsPIC33EP128GS708 dsPIC33EP128GS804 dsPIC33EP128GS805 dsPIC33EP128GS806 dsPIC33EP128GS808 dsPIC33EP128MC202 dsPIC33EP128MC204 dsPIC33EP128MC206 dsPIC33EP128MC502 dsPIC33EP128MC504 dsPIC33EP128MC506 dsPIC33EP16GS202 dsPIC33EP16GS502 dsPIC33EP16GS504 dsPIC33EP16GS505 dsPIC33EP16GS506 dsPIC33EP256GM304 dsPIC33EP256GM306 dsPIC33EP256GM310 dsPIC33EP256GM604 dsPIC33EP256GM706 dsPIC33EP256GM710 dsPIC33EP256GP502 dsPIC33EP256GP504 dsPIC33EP256GP506 dsPIC33EP256MC202 dsPIC33EP256MC204 dsPIC33EP256MC206 dsPIC33EP256MC502 dsPIC33EP256MC504 dsPIC33EP256MC506


dsPIC33EP256MU810 dsPIC33EP256MU814 dsPIC33EP32GP502 dsPIC33EP32GP503 dsPIC33EP32GP504 dsPIC33EP32GS202 dsPIC33EP32GS502 dsPIC33EP32GS504 dsPIC33EP32GS505 dsPIC33EP32GS506 dsPIC33EP32MC202 dsPIC33EP32MC203 dsPIC33EP32MC204 dsPIC33EP32MC502 dsPIC33EP32MC503 dsPIC33EP32MC504 dsPIC33EP512GM304 dsPIC33EP512GM306 dsPIC33EP512GM310 dsPIC33EP512GM604 dsPIC33EP512GM706 dsPIC33EP512GM710 dsPIC33EP512GP502 dsPIC33EP512GP504 dsPIC33EP512GP506 dsPIC33EP512GP806 dsPIC33EP512MC202 dsPIC33EP512MC204 dsPIC33EP512MC206 dsPIC33EP512MC502 dsPIC33EP512MC504 dsPIC33EP512MC506 dsPIC33EP512MC806 dsPIC33EP512MU810 dsPIC33EP512MU814 dsPIC33EP64GP502 dsPIC33EP64GP503 dsPIC33EP64GP504 dsPIC33EP64GP506 dsPIC33EP64GS502 dsPIC33EP64GS504 dsPIC33EP64GS505 dsPIC33EP64GS506 dsPIC33EP64GS708 dsPIC33EP64GS804 dsPIC33EP64GS805 dsPIC33EP64GS806 dsPIC33EP64GS808 dsPIC33EP64MC202 dsPIC33EP64MC203 dsPIC33EP64MC204 dsPIC33EP64MC206 dsPIC33EP64MC502 dsPIC33EP64MC503 dsPIC33EP64MC504 dsPIC33EP64MC506


Support summary

  • Programming - Yes
  • Debugging provisions - Yes
ICSP connection


ICSP Connection

dsPIC33EP256MU806 has more than one pair of PGECx and PGEDx pins. You can use any pair, but you must use them as a pair. For example, if PGEC2 is used for ICSPCLK, then ICSPDAT must be connected to PGED2.

All VSS and VDD pins must be connected. Even if one of these pins is not connected, programming may fail.

dsPIC33EP256MU806 is more sensitive to cross-talk between PGEC and PGED lines than other PIC devices. This may lead to programming failures, such as inability to connect or various verification failures. One of the methods to improve connectivity is to connect a small 20pF capacitor between PGEC line and VSS as close to the chip as possible. A bigger capacitor may be used, however you will have to decrease ICSP communication speed.


Programming Benchmarks

We have measured time necessary to program and verify dsPIC33EP256MU806.

Operation FCKSM=0xFCKSM=1x
Programming and Verification 5.9s7.8s
Programming only 5.9s5.9s
Verification only 4.8s4.8s

The measurements reflect the time necessary to program/verify the entire chip, including all user programmable memory areas.



NSDSP firmware contains all the necessary provisions for debugging dsPIC33EP256MU806 and may be debugged when debugging software becomes available.



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