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NSHVX-1 with NSDSP-1-3V3 Bare NSHVX-1

NSHVX is equipped with headears to connect directly to an NSDSP programmer, as shown on the left picture. The resulting assembly can be used as an HVP programmer.

If you are not going to use the headers (for example, if you want to solder NSHVX onto your programming jig) you can purchase NSHVX-1 without headers, as shown on the picture on the right.

The assembly has two sides marked "NSDSP" for connecting to an NSDSP programmer or to an NSDSP chip, and "PIC" for connecting the target PIC. You can find more information on the connectors here.

Breadboardable module
NSHVX module in the breadboard NSHVX module with NSDSP

Use with breadboards

By soldering straight 2.54 mm pins to NSHVX, you can produce a breadboardable module.

NSHVX has two additional terminals marked "+" and "-" for connecting to the breadpoard power strips (see the picture on the right side). Connecting these terminals are optional, but, when connected, they may be used either to supply power to NSDSP or to route power supplied by NSDSP to the rest of the breadboard.

On some breadboards, the holes in the power strips are aligned with holes in general purpose strips, which matches NSHVX. However, this is not always the case, and pins soldered to the NSHVX's "+" and "-" terminals may not fit into the holes.

When NSHVX is used with a breadboard, an NSDSP programmer can be inserted into the breadboard right next to it, which produces proper connection for both ICSP and UART.

Module with long headers NSHVX module with NSDSP

Standalone modules

It is also possible to use pin headers with long pins to create a module which has a connector for NSDSP, and at the same time has connectors on the bottom side, which can be instered into female headers on your programming rig.

Purchase NSHVX-1-B.

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