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NSDSP Pinout

NSDSP Pinout

In the table below, the NSDSP column refers to the NSDSP pin name from the above diagram. These pin names reflect NSDSP functionality. The Microchip column refers to Microchip pin name for underlying PIC16(L)F1454 device. These names do not reflect NSDSP functionality and are listed for reference only.

For the description of NSDSP functionality, click here.

NSDSP MicrochipDescription
VDDVDD Positive power supply. Must be 3.3V for PIC16LF1454 or 5V for PIC16F1454.
PGM/RTS/AMCLRRA5 Output. In Programming/Debug mode - LVP programming pin. In UART mode - RTS (Ready To Send) signal. This pin can also be configured as AMCLR in dual-chip setup.
CTSRA4 Input. UART CTS (Clear To Send) signal. Can also be used as a trigger by NSDSP Gang Programmer
ENRA3 Input. When this pin is driven low, NSDSP resets and enters low power sleep mode until EN pin is driven high. NSDSP must only be enabled when USB connection is present.
RXRC5 Input. UART receive pin. Can also be used as a trigger by NSDSP Gang Programmer
TXRC4 Output. UART transmit pin.
MCLRRC3 Output. Must be connected to the MCLR pin of target device during programming and debugging.
PGDORC2 Output. ICSP Data output. Used during programming and debugging.
PGDIRC1 Input. ICSP Data input. Used during programming and debugging.
PGCRC0 Bidirectional. ICSP Clock. Used during programming and debugging. Configured as output except in Debug mode for dsPIC33E/PIC24E devices.
VUSB3V3VUSB3V3 USB 3.3V. See NSDSP connection schematics and Microchip datasheet.
D-D- Negative USB data line.
D+D+ Positive USB data line.
VSSVSS Ground.
NCNC Not connected.
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