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Configuration Files

NSDS Programmer stores all its settings in its configuration file. The configuration file is a simple text file and can be viewed using a text editor. Although the file is editable, we do not recommend editing it and we cannot guarantee that any features of the configuration file will be preserved in future versions of NSDS Programmer.

By default, NSDS Programmer uses configuration file name "nsgprog.conf" and located in the same folder as the executable file. If the configuration file does not exist, NSDS Programmer will try to create a new configuration file.

On Mac OS X, it is impossible to store configuration files inside application bundles. Therefore NSDSP Programmer stores its default configuration file in the "Application Support" folder for the current user as "com.northernsoftware.nsgprog.conf"

Sometimes, it is necessary to locate the configuration file elsewhere. For example, the folder with executable may not be writable. In this case, a command line parameter must be used when launching NSDS Programmer:

nsgprog -c config.conf

where "config.conf" is the name of the configuration file to be used. If the file does not exist, NSDS Programmer will create it. You may create a launcher or desktop shortcuts to launch NSDS Programmer using a similar command.

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