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NSDS - Northern Software Development System

NSDS project has been closed. The main reasons for the closure are:

- Decrease in popularity of PIC microcontrollers.

- Microchip acquisition of Atmel, which caused Microchip to shift their focus towards supporting former Atmel parts, thus making the future of the traditional PIC product line uncertain.

Northern Software Inc will continue maintaining NSDSP programmers, which are currently one of the fastest and most reliable PIC programmers on the market. If Microchip continues the development of the PIC product line, Northern Software Inc will add support for new PIC microcontrollers as soon as they appear.

NSDSP includes debugging support for most PIC microcontrollers, although the debugging function is currently unaccessible because there is no debugging software for NSDSP. Northern Software Inc will develop debugging interfacing software, but only if customers express their interest in such software. If you're interested in such software, please let us know.

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