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ICSP connection

Support summary

  • Programming - Yes
  • Debugging provisions - Yes

ICSP Connection

PIC24F32KA301 has more than one pair of PGECx and PGEDx pins. You can use any pair, but you must use them as a pair. For example, if PGEC2 is used for ICSPCLK, then ICSPDAT must be connected to PGED2.

LVP Programming

Low-Voltage Programming (LVP) can only be used for these PIC devices if the MCLRE configuration bit is enabled. Fresh (unprogrammed) devices have MCLRE bit set and therefore they can be programmed. It is impossible to disable MCLRE bit during LVP programming, but if the device has been previously programmed with HVP programmer, the MCLRE bit may have been disabled.

When brown-out is enabled with BOREN configuration bit, LVP is only possible when the VDD voltage is above the brown-out threshold.

These limitations may be avoided with High-Voltage Programming (HVP). NSDSP-2 can generate high voltage for HVP internally. NSDSP-1 cannot, therefore NSDSP-1 requires NSHVX or an external circuit for HVP.

HVP Programming

NSDSP-2 can program PIC24F32KA301 with HVP.

With NSDSP-1, HVP programming is possible, but only with NSHVX High Voltage Extension or an external HVP circuit.

Target Voltage below 2.7V

If voltage is less than 2.7V it is impossible to bulk erase the device. Unless the PIC device is code protected, NSDSP still can program the device, however, without the bulk erase it takes longer.

NSDSP cannot detect target voltage and it assumes that the voltage is above 2.7V. This ensures fast programming at usual voltages. However, if you want to program at voltages below 2.7V, you must specify the actual target voltage through programming software, or the programming will fail. If you specify the voltage below 2.7V NSDSP will apply special programming algorithm, which does not use bulk erase, but is slower than the regular algorithm.

If you are programming a device which is code protected, NSDSP cannot remove protection if the voltage is below 2.7V.


NSDSP firmware contains all the necessary provisions for debugging PIC24F32KA301 and may be debugged when debugging software becomes available.

PIC24F32KA301 uses ordered haliting, has 3 hardware breakpoints.

Debugging does not consume resources in the user space.


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