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Devices starting with PIC32MK

The table below lists supported devices in alphabetical order.

Pogramming column refers to the ability of NSDS Programmers to program, read and verify the device.

Debugging column specifies whether NSDS Programmers have firmware provisions necessary to debug the device with NSDS when NSDS is released.

Compiler column lists current device support status for NSDS compiler.

Click on the specific device name to see connection schematics, more detailed support information, and notes about the device.

Device ProgrammingDebuggingCompiler
PIC32MK0512GPD064YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK0512GPD100YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK0512GPE064YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK0512GPE100YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK0512MCF064YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK0512MCF100YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK1024GPD064YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK1024GPD100YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK1024GPE064YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK1024GPE100YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK1024MCF064YesYesIn Progress
PIC32MK1024MCF100YesYesIn Progress
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