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Device Support List

NSDS Programmers can program 1451 and debug 1320 various PIC devices. Click on the group name in the table below to see detailed information on device support.

Device Group ProgrammingDebuggingCompiler
dsPIC33EP101101In Progress
dsPIC33EV2424In Progress
dsPIC33FJ114114In Progress
PIC12F65In Progress
PIC12LF86In Progress
PIC16F132105In Progress
PIC16LF136112In Progress
PIC18F244210In Progress
PIC18LF157123In Progress
PIC24EP3737In Progress
PIC24F3028In Progress
PIC24FJ127127In Progress
PIC24FV1414In Progress
PIC24HJ4141In Progress
PIC32MK1212In Progress
PIC32MM2121In Progress
PIC32MX128128In Progress
PIC32MZ112112In Progress
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